Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jiving with the Night Shift!

After our last two jive sessions, we feel it's time to celebrate! And with Christmas just round the corner, what better way to practice those new steps (and learn a few more)
and enjoy some festive fun at the same time.

There'll be music and refreshments and a bar where you can buy drinks,
(a bit like the photo...... but not really)
all whilst listening, or better still dancing, to our live band

The Night Shift

who are guaranteed to blow your jiving socks off til the early hours!!

So for those of you who know us - and any friends you think might like to -
we invite you to join us on

Tuesday, 13th December at L'Espace
at 19:30 (7.30pm)

There will be a small charge at the door of 5€ per person
to cover the costs of the band and light refreshments

And remember, this is by invitation only so you need
to let us know if you're coming and who you are bringing.


Monday, 11 April 2011

You Can Do It.....

Apologies for uploading these a little late in the day, but it's been one of those weeks. Not too late, we hope, for you to practice a few moves before the sessions next weekend:

Saturday, 16th April
Sunday, 17th April
19:30 at L'Espace, Verteillac

As neither Simon nor Elliot can make it this weekend, don't miss this chance to try those moves without a lesson overload - you'll be amazed at how much you can remember! We love them to pieces but sometimes there can be one or two too many especially difficult sequences for us oldies to get our heads around in one evening.

Sometimes there are extra men, sometimes more women, but it really doesn't matter either way. Bring a friend and show them how exactly how much fun it all is. It's a great way to keep you body (and mind) exercised and we do need to build up the numbers to make it all worthwhile........

And if you really want to be inspired, take at look at Kevin and Carla:

Saturday, 12 March 2011

You just don't know til you try....

OK, so it's a little unusual, but then most of the best things in life are.

Hope you are all practicing those moves Elliot taught us back in February (see previous video posting); he'll be back in a fortnight - Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th March - together with Simon and a hot new lady demonstrator, Florence from London, and between them they'll go over some of the basics and, of course, teach us a few more complicated steps to add to our repetoire. So don't miss it!

Please note that the April dates have moved to give us a bit more space between events; classes are to be held on the 16th and 17th and not the 9th and 10th as previously advertised. Sorry for the confusion but trust most of you twinkle toes out there will be able to make it. There'll be more news about that in our next newsletter but please make a note in your diaries.

And just a little reminder: try to remember to bring dancing shoes with you to change into, preferably with leather or similarly slippy soles. You won't believe how much easier it will make you jivin'.

As always, call Carol or Katie if you haven't been before and need directions. It helps us enormously if we have a indication of numbers, so please pre-book, and remember that if you do, the evenings will cost you 6€ per person as opposed to 8€ at the door (half price if you bring a friend)

T 05 53 91 38 41 / 05 53 91 19 92

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

OK, No More Body Roles

Last Saturday and Sunday it was full steam ahead at Jiving a l'Espace. The beginners' catch-up class was followed on the first evening with Elliot - and his lovely assistant, Julie, who braved the horrible weather despite feeling under it - leading us through various new steps and a simple routine that we were taken through again the following evening. Not so difficult to do (everyone seemed to pick it up fairly easily), but a little harder to remember. Still, it's lucky everyone is in the same beginner's boat. Take a look and see if it all come streaming back....

Session 2

A few moves we have already learnt during previous sessions, but put together in a new order.

And last but not least, those delightful "body rolls" . Just don't let anyone catch you practising in the bathroom.

Please don't forget to invite your friends to the next sessions coming up at l'Espace:

Class - Saturday, 26th March 19:30 followed by Freestyle
Beginners/Refreshers session between 18:00 to 19:00
Elliot is also offering a "special" FREE 1-hour class between 16:30 and 17:30 tonewcomers aged between 16 and 26 if pre-booked

Class - Sunday, 27th March 19:30 followed by Freestyle

Following dates for your diaries:
9th/10th April
21st/22nd May
18th/19th June (Jamboree)

Pre-Registered: 6€ per person per session (jivingalespace@hotmail.com)
T: 05 53 91 38 41 / 05 53 91 19 92
8€ per person per session at the door

And remember if you bring a friend you will get in for half price yourself.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pumpin' Piano Rock

Jerry Lee Lewis, 1957

Yeah! It's been a couple of cold months since our last jiving intensive and we're ready to get back into the swing with Simon and Elliot of JiveNation UK who will be visiting venue Verteillac for the weekend of 19th and 20th February with more great music and moves.

If you need a little inspiration to kick off those winter blues and get back into shape, take at look at Silvan Zingg and his dancers. Trust us, not such a giant leap from Jiving a l'Espace to Lugano, Switzerland.

Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing you'all at the end of the month, and remember:

Keep fit, keep cool and keep jiving... it's just what the doctor ordered to shake away those winter creaks and pains.

Class - Saturday, 19th February 19:30

followed by Freestyle

Class - Sunday, 20th February 19:30

followed by Freestyle

Beginners/Refreshers session on the Saturday, between 18:00 to 19:00

Anyone you recognise?

To book your place(s) or for more information about the classes and/or venue contact:


T 05 53 91 38 41

Monday, 20 December 2010

A New Year's Resolution You Can't Refuse!

Strictly is over and Christmas will soon be just a sweet memory. But life must go on; so to jump start the New Year and keep you feeling positive (and to fulfill that "keep fit" resolution), here are the confirmed Jiving à l'Espace dates:
  • Saturday,19th and Sunday, 20th February
  • Saturday,26th and Sunday,27th March
  • Saturday, 9th and Sunday, 10th April
  • Saturday, 21st and Sunday 22nd May
  • And our Jiving Jamboree on Sunday, 19th June

You can either book your places - for any or all evenings - on-line with Paypal, or send Katie a cheque (made payable to Les Soeurs Anglaises) to Briançon, 24320 Verteillac stating which workshops you would like to attend.


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Just an idea.... but a good one....

One of our Jiving mums has asked us to put together a"Christmas Present" package that you can give to teenagers and young people to encourage them to learn how to Jive and Rock'n'Roll, in the welcoming atmosphere of our group, starting again in February.

So in the spirit of good will, below you will find an offer for all you who have enjoyed your dancing routines so far and who appreciate Jive's social and health year-round benefits. It''s hard to beat the serotonin high (the molecule of happiness) after an evening of dance, and let's face it, introducing young people will give the event a whole new dynamic; they are so quick to learn - thus raising the general standard - and their energy an inspiration.

The present consists of:

Saturday, 19th February, 6pm Catch-up Class
Saturday, 19th February, 7.30pm Beginnners Class
8.45pm Freestyle dance
Sunday, 20th February, 6pm Catch-up Class
Sunday, 20th February, 7.30pm Beginnners Class
8.45pm Freestyle dance
ALL FOR 10Euros!

So start them young and they'll be hooked for life! And they'll be able to impress their peers with all those cool moves on the dance floor.

The "gift offer" is available for anyone aged between 16-25 years, if booked before 24th December and you can either pay by
Paypal (we are soooo organised!):

or just email us with your details and we'll send you a lovely card to hand out on Christmas Day.